January 2018 Outreach

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Ice Skating

January Outreach!
Sat, Jan. 13, 2018

Join us as we minister at Crown
Center. There is a mall and an ice
skating rink and many people who
need the Good News!

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Meet at the OSKC office at
11520A Grandview Rd, Kansas
City (white house with green
We will eat lunch together and head downtown. Lunch is provided if you RSVP by noon Friday, January 12.

RSVP to: contact@OperationSaveKC.org

Other News

We will resume in February. If you go out, please email us your stories and numbers
so we can celebrate with you!

Prayer together hands


In 2018, we are meeting Wednesdays from 9:00 – 10:00 am. All are welcome! OSKC
office: 11520A Grandview Rd, KCMO – white house with green trim).



A few weeks ago we went door-to-door at
an apartment complex in Grandview. As
we left a conversation with one gentleman
and walked up the stairs to the next door,
a young man came out of his house…in
his underwear…and the door promptly
shut behind him.

The wife was playing a trick on him but as you might imagine, he was embarrassed.
So, being the evangelists we are, awkward is no problem. So we waited. Finally his wife let him in and one of the team said, let’s give him time to put his pants on and knock on the door.

In the end, we had a great conversation with the young couple. He isn’t sure about
God but wants to know more and was open to one of our team following up with

Christmas Morning Outreach

Archived from January 17, 2018

We are excited to report that the Christmas Morning Outreach was a HUGE success!

First, we decided that both Satan, played by Neil Kind, and the Angel of the Lord, played by Curtis Wright, needed to look classy. We couldn’t have anything scary on Christmas. We checked into renting tuxedos. The manager at the store was SO excited about what we were doing that he used all of his resources to help us purchase everything for the two characters with for only $100 more than rental per person. Each actor received a suit that had a sticker price of over $1,000 each plus shirts, silk ties, shoes, belts, silk hankies and flower lapels.

I want to thank Curtis & Neil as I know most men do not appreciate being models and spending 1.5 hours trying on different clothes. A small strategic team showed up on Christmas morning at Hope City before 9 am. Chris Cakes was already busy cooking the hot breakfast of sausages and pancakes were wearing Santa hats and big smiles. Many
homeless and at-risk families were already seated and enjoying their breakfast. When I asked how it was they were all happy to report that itwas good. An elderly man told me that it was as good as when he was young!

The atmosphere was very happy and everyone was saying “Merry Christmas” to all they met! The children couldn’t wait to “win” a raffled off bike which had been repaired by inmates at a local prison especially for these children on Christmas morning. As God would have it there was a bike for every child with one left over!

Something that stood out to me was the amount of “stuff” that was in the room. It is a homeless crowd so sleeping bags and garbage bags surrounded their owners since they travel with their belongings.

As soon as the majority of people had finished eating I began the meeting by getting everyone’s attention and explaining that we had a VERY SPECIAL guest with us who had come a long way. I waited a moment. I could hear the children next to me tell their parents that it would be Santa.

I introduced the Angel of the Lord! People were not expecting him. The Angel explained that he had come especially from Jesus to give them a gift and began to explain about the gift of Salvation.

All of a sudden Satan entered yelling. “WAIT”. It got everyone’s attention but the children were not affected by the yelling. Maybe they are already used to that or I believe that the Holy Spirit was ministering to them so that they would not disrupt the flow of what He was doing.

The skit I wrote is very evangelistic and hit many areas of sin. The conversation back and forth between the Angel and Satan was intense. Neil did a GREAT job of getting home the point about Satan’s strength and the human nature to enjoy sin. The Angel of the Lord
interrupted each point and give the perspective of Jesus. Curtis did a fantastic job at commanding the authority in the room!

The crowd got involved in the skit very quickly. They realized that sin was their enemy and were very vocal.

In the end, the Angel demanded that Satan leave. The crowd helped him by telling Satan to get out! Before he left he told them all that he would be back and that were his. The Angel explained that he must leave but that Satan would be back. He explained that unless they were ready, they would fall to Satan’s powers.

The Angel left and I re-entered the stage. I did an altar call to the 300 people in the room. I explained again the truths that the Angel had told them and how important it is to break agreement and flee from the Devil.

When I asked who was ready to give their life to Jesus over half of the room stood up. I asked for a show of hands for the people who were making this commitment for the first time. I saw many hands. My heart was OVERWHELMED to say the least!

I am not sure I did a great altar call. Doesn’t matter as the HOLY SPIRIT always does a perfect job and He was wonderfully in control! The team watched for the ones who did not stand up and made sure to engage them ASAP to find out where they are at with the Lord. I am happy to report that six of them gave their lives to Jesus after the representation of the Gospel!

The Pastors down at Hope City are great. They have so many programs already in place to help the people including daily discipleship.

After the altar call we raffled off 10 of the six-month bus passes ($300 value). We told everyone that Jesus had sent it for them. People were very grateful! Everyone who won a six-month pass was ecstatic! It was AMAZING as we listened to their stories and how they needed the pass. It was a joyous celebration by the entire room for the people who were

We collected over $20,000.00 for this outreach. We had the Pastors at Hope City personally give out six-month bus passes to the ones that they knew were in desperate need.

I talked with two of these families. One mom told me that getting around is always a problem. She cried and shared that a bus pass is regularly a prayer request and sometimes she has to walk a long way or beg people for the $1.50 cost each way. I cried too.

She tried to thank me but I explained that Jesus sent the money through many good people who love Him and the people of the inner city. I told her that He will NEVER leave her of forsake her.

I want to say “Thank YOU” to each of you who prayed for us, came along, and/or gave financial resources. YOU made a world of difference and literally gave the gift of JESUS on Christmas morning to the least of these.

Could not have done it without you! And all glory to the KING!

Two recipients receive their bus pass from Jesus!

Watch the skit video here!

Love, Laurie and the whole OSKC team!

Remarkable Thanksgiving Outreach

Archived from 11/27/2017

Food TruckRemarkable Results!

It is with great joy and excitement
that we write to you. The
November Thanksgiving Food
Outreach was a success thanks
to the saving work of Jesus!

Let me explain. Over the last 10
years of doing outreach we
typically see 1 to 2% of the people engaged with a full gospel presentation come to Christ. In other words, usually one or two per hundred people accept salvation.

This outreach was special. We had a plan we felt was from the Holy Spirit. We identified 75 at risk families in the Grandview and south Kansas City area. They filled out an application for a week’s worth of groceries. We explained that the gift of food was from JESUS and given by local Christians on His behalf. Some people would not accept a gift from Jesus and decided not to participate.

We explained that when we dropped of the basket we would need an hour of their time to explain the programs offered in the local area and at local churches. We also told them
that we would like to share what Jesus has done for us. We then set up an hour long meeting on Saturday, November 18th between the hours of 12:30 and 4:30pm.

We went shopping on Friday November 17th with eight people and a very long shopping list. We assembled the baskets on Saturday morning from 9am to Noon. We left at 12:20 with a belief that God was going to have His way.

Spoke with 186 People,
Prayed with 186 People
Gave out 118 Bibles
Had 10 people receive
14 people were healed on
the spot
43 People were filled with
the Holy Spirit
Which is an extraordinary 32%!

We have never seen this in our 10 years of doing outreach.

God is on the move!!!

19 People

19 Saved in One House!

The team of three included Fawn, Isaac and the Holy Spirit. They pulled up to a yard of a very run down and tattered house with kiddos outside and more kiddos playing inside. The family was incredibly grateful for the food and laundry detergent.

Fawn said, “We are here because of Jesus Christ and to share the message about who He is and find out where everyone is with the Lord.” The Mama of the group immediately sent a child off to get Edward, her 18 year old son. Isaac was talking to Dad and
discovered that he had led him to the Lord about a year ago.

Edward came up, a tall kid with a rhinestone gun necklace. He walked straight to Fawn and put his hands in hers. The Holy Spirit started speaking to her and she began prophesying who Edward is and what God has called him to. The Lord showed her that other kids look up to him and it was time for him to make the decision for life and to choose heaven over hell. The whole time he was captivated by the Holy Spirit as were the other 18 people, down to the littlest child.

Fawn told him that today was a divine appointment because God loves him. Then she asked the all-important question, “Are you ready to commit and give your life to the Lord?” He was!

As she led him in the prayer, the rest of the room prayed as well!
They all knew they wanted to get right with God to have Him as Savior and Lord. Then she taught them about the Holy Spirit, they all prayed and the Holy Spirit washed over them. Edward was so overwhelmed with God’s presence that all he could say was, “I just feel so different. I feel such peace.”

The room erupted in rejoicing and shouts of hallelujah!

Right away, Fawn and Isaac led the group into practicing their new faith as they prayed over Edward’s eye infection and prayed for Grandpa who had lost a child. Edward’s eye was healed!

Fawn said afterwards, “The family was SO hungry and God showed up. It was one of those things that we stepped into what God was going to do. All the glory to God!”

Operation Save Kansas City Results Are In

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May 26- June 4th, 2017

250 Workers and Laborers 3500 People Talked To About JESUS

3332 Materials Handed Out About JESUS 29 People Walked Through Deliverance 94 People Healed, In JESUS Name

142 People Filled with the Holy Spirit 298 Salvation’s

 Laurie and Man

Quick Testimony

We went to this man’s house. We climbed a lot of stairs to get there. Before I could get to the top he was telling me “NO!”, and shaking his head at me.

I yelled up that I was here to talk to him, but again he told me, “NO!” I explained that I was from the church and needed to talk with him.

Again, “NO!”

So I kept walking until I was up by him.

I explained that JESUS had sent us to check on him. Long story short. He gave his life back to JESUS!

Then he said

“You remind me of my momma. She didn’t take no for an answer either!” Many people need a way back to JESUS.

Mary Praying


Thank YOU for helping us reach out to one of the roughest zip codes in KC. We were able to make an eternal impact in many people’s lives, families, and communities.

  • We want to tell you all about it!
  • We are holding a special meeting
  • Hear Testimonies Ask Questions Dreams for 2018

Seminar Room
Wednesday, June 28th 2017



We have an office!
We want you to come bless our upcoming year.
Sunday, June 23rd
1:30pm to 3:00pm
11520 A, Grandview Rd, Kansas City, MO 64137

Every day we had preaching and worship
Everyday we led people to Jesus
Then we held a children’s outreach led by children.
They led their peers to JESUS.
It would not have happened without  YOU